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Hawkfish (Cirrhites Maculatus) and Hawaiian Morwong (Chilodactylus Vittatus). Mini Print

179,00 kr

Morwongs are an unusual and sometimes comical-looking group of fishes found in subtropical and warm temperate seas. These odd fish have thick reddish lips and bold diagonal black stripes which may serve to disrupt their outline or to make them appear extra-large to predators.

They often prop themselves on the bottom with strong pectoral fins, somewhat like hawkfishes. Unlike hawkfishes, however, they appear to be nocturnal and are probably resting rather than waiting to ambush prey. They feed by pressing their thick fleshy lips to the bottom, sucking in sand and detritus, and filtering out the small invertebrates it contains. (While feeding this way, some morwong species are known to almost stand on their head!)

All our mini prints come ready-framed.
We recommend you to hang a group of prints for maximum impact.

Printed with Japanese archival ink on a matte Hahnemühle paper in our own studio in rural Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Print size 15x21 cm. With frame it measures 17x23 cm.

Design no. RC079

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